Why Essensoil Products

When you choose Essensoil, you are choosing essential oils that have been created from seed to droplet. At Essensoil, we carefully plant, grow, harvest and process authentic & organic essential oils all on the farm and by doing so are able to ensure the authenticity of the claims we make. 

Essensoil is the only brand of essential oils worldwide which are produced entirely organically. We have our very own distillery where the raw material is processed and the oils extracted through careful steam distillation. The farm has a specialised machine called a digester which essentially produces biogas from the greenhouse gas, methane. Raw animal manure is used as the fuel component which is then converted into biogas. 

This biogas is then used to supply power to run the entire distillery which in turn enables us to maintain a zero carbon footprint. All excess plant material waste is used as compost on the farms fields which deters pests and fertilizes the soil. Experienced essential oil users will immediately recognize the superior quality standard, naturally safe and purely effective therapeutic-grade product.

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